Wisdom for the Impolite

by Richard Licker

It ain’t fuckin’ white hair that engenders whip-ass wisdom.

Apologies to Menander

A book with fifty pieces of motherfucking wisdom, lovingly selected for your perusal

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Have you ever wished famous quotes and proverbs said “fuck” more? Well you’re in luck! We’ve spiced up the wisest words ever spoken with profanity that will get your mouth washed out with soap.

Ask the potty mouth in your life: the fine art of swearing befits even the most sagacious maxims. We think you’ll find cursing makes these quotations more memorable, more fun to share, and more likely to raise eyebrows when repeated.

Don’t worry, we’ve used the utmost discretion and good taste even in our most impolite selections. You might be offended by the words themselves, but we think you’ll appreciate the taste with which they are used!

You’re sure to turn heads when reading, gifting, or displaying this little crime against propriety.

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God grant me the fucking serenity
to accept the stupid shit I can’t change,
courage to change whatever the hell I can,
and wisdom to know the goddamn difference.

Apologies to Reinhold Niebuhr

Made with ❤ in Portland fuckin’ Oregon.